Life, love, dreams…


Design-Your-LIfeWell…here is me, at the beginning of new journey in my life –  a young woman who apparently was crazy enough to give up on routine and to choose a path full of uncertainties. I just decided to live my life, to do thinks I really love, to discover my inner world, to see beauty in every person, to appreciate simple things, to define the messages that each day is bringing us, to make mistakes and to learn lessons.

I believe there is no good or bad decisions, but just experiences that help us grow as a person. I believe in present moment and in challenges that keep us on the edge.

This blog is a way of getting out of my comfort zone and expose my soul. I want to break the limits of my mind, to put myself in total strange pair of shoes and in this way to reveal the parts that I never thought to own.

The search never ends, I am perfectly OK with that because life is a mystery and I want to enjoy every bit of it.


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