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The man across the street…





There is a man across the street. Everything tells that he is different. With his eyes lost in clouds and an unaware smile he strolls aimlessly in this crazy city. He talks to himself; he runs then suddenly stops to look at something…then he goes dipper in an unknown world staring sadly the sky. A smile reappears on his face – a childish smile, like he saw an angel.

  How does his world look like?   Who is actually more insane, we – the majority who fallows some stupid rules without living a life we want, or he – the man who chose to create his own reality?

Why is it so easy to stigmatize people who are different then we are? Who said that the majority is equal to a standard or normality? Maybe, the whole world is nothing then a big bedlam. How else would you explain this urge of majority to force the people who don’t fallow the rules, to fit in those tiny patterns?

 People with a different perspective on life are declared mad. Being an authentic personality means freak! Forget your dreams, forget your thoughts and inner voice, you have to be as majority is! And who in the end is mad?

Our sanity was chosen as being “normal”, but it could be otherwise. So… the border sometimes is really thin and nobody can guaranty anything.


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“The Butterfly Circus”


There is always a bright side of the life road and a possibility to find joy in sadness, beauty in misery, hope in despair.
It is all about the perspective we have on everything comes along our journey on earth.
Want to be happy and fulfilled? Just chose to be like that! You are the master of your own reality!

“The butterfly circus” is a wonderful short movie which captures the great depression in USA and how despite it some people managed to find a way of being happy enjoying life, knowing to look for light in every dark corner. The butterfly circus is a place where people got a chance to find themselves, where their flaws suddenly became a blessing, where they found how beautifully and uniquely they actually can shine. The circus wanders across the country spreading laugh, good mood, love, examples of courage and empathy.  That’s how a man with his circus made an impact in a decaying society.

Joy is like a butterfly in a cocoon, you know it’s there even thou you can’t see it yet. But…one day the butterfly will discover the world and will open its wings to the sun. So the joy, it will find the way to get through thorns of pain and will spring, blooming in soul, in eyes, on lips and glowing cheeks. 

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“Brave New World” Aldous Huxley


“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

Is it possible to create a perfect world where happiness and harmony would stand for main pillars of human existence? Could people fight  their inner evils  for the sake of common good? Is the suppressing of emotions and building of a “perfect” environment the best way toward universal piece?   How much of utopia and how much of realism lies in this idea?

Written in 1932, “Brave new world” is a book in which the author condensed two essential visions about a “perfect  society” and created a terrible version of a so called “New World”.  Huxley built his story upon socialistic ideas promoted, that times, by communistic Russia, and capitalistic views grown from industrialization which were flourishing  in USA.

Thus, these two international powers, served as inspiration for Huxley’s utopia. Two states which apparently had nothing in common, suddenly, in the book, became so terrifying alike in their malefic and destructive impact on human beings.  The message is actually not so openly expressed along the story, it is hidden behind numerous hints and facts which shape a clear image of a modern society.

A mesmerizing aspect is that the story reflects actually nowadays life, tough is was written so many years ago. It seems unbelievable how the author could predict in the ’30s a life we are living now, in 21st century – a life of: consumerism, high tech, progressive loss of moral values and family status as a core of a healthy society, absentminded-brainwashed people who swallow a fake reality without trying  to question it, lost of authenticity and connection with nature or deep feelings, routine which  doesn’t allow human beings to simply be with their inner world.

Huxley concludes that an utopian happiness and welfare is possible just by using force, control, threat and punishment toward a crowd of dumb people. But, isn’t it a fake “perfect life”? How is it possible to make somebody happy when he is deprived of freedom?

Huxley was just a storyteller not pro and not particularly against US or Russia. He just showed in his book that an absolute equality is impossible to be achieved since human being is a complex, unpredictable creature bread from good and evil. Technology and progress have also their limits, because people are above material things  – they are spirits, who sooner or later, realize that.

In the end the author doesn’t give any chance neither to an utopia, neither to current world, suggesting that they both failed in their attempt to make this world a better place to live. 

But…if even God couldn’t make Adam and Eve to stay and enjoy an everlasting harmony of Eden, then why people strive to create some utopias on Earth? Isn’t it enough just to live a simple life, with good and bad parts, trying to make the best out of it?