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“The Butterfly Circus”

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There is always a bright side of the life road and a possibility to find joy in sadness, beauty in misery, hope in despair.
It is all about the perspective we have on everything comes along our journey on earth.
Want to be happy and fulfilled? Just chose to be like that! You are the master of your own reality!

“The butterfly circus” is a wonderful short movie which captures the great depression in USA and how despite it some people managed to find a way of being happy enjoying life, knowing to look for light in every dark corner. The butterfly circus is a place where people got a chance to find themselves, where their flaws suddenly became a blessing, where they found how beautifully and uniquely they actually can shine. The circus wanders across the country spreading laugh, good mood, love, examples of courage and empathy.  That’s how a man with his circus made an impact in a decaying society.

Joy is like a butterfly in a cocoon, you know it’s there even thou you can’t see it yet. But…one day the butterfly will discover the world and will open its wings to the sun. So the joy, it will find the way to get through thorns of pain and will spring, blooming in soul, in eyes, on lips and glowing cheeks. 


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