Life, love, dreams…

A framed time

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Late evening of early November; the house upon the hill; the cross on the window;

   the pattern of the circle on the floor and…the past kept carefully in frames.

Lost in memories… I stole them from a black and white reality,

   frozen in time on a piece of paper, kept in an old cupboard.

The warmth of the mother holding a child;

   the beat of the crowded street in the middle of 30’s; the motion of a young and handsome man;

   melancholic and beautiful woman ,earnest smiles; deep love; simple life; fragments of their reality.

The wistful house melts between time borders…A haze is all around …

   Immersed in a surreal state, I slowly disappear under a life never lived and yet which tastes so bittersweet…

The energy overflows – blurring the time and space. 

   I find myself lost in images, nostalgic feelings that even don’t belong to me…but could.



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