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Society between masks and reality

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Very often I wonder why people feel so much pressure from the society? Why, all the time, they are trying to adjust their actions, thoughts, values only for the sake of fitting in some weird patterns? Why is it so important to be accepted and get approval for every, more or less,  insignificant decision?   

When I am thinking about this topic, suddenly in front of my eyes appears an image of a huge villain which portraits the society and many lifeless wood dolls that represent us – the people. Then, I see how this dreadful creature roughly is carving in pieces of wood shaping hideous, undefined and similar figurines.

Who is society? Well, if you take a step back and have a look from outside of the system we are facing at the moment, you will notice that society is like a machine meant to make obedient and “good” members who must have the idea of freedom while being in a cage. The mischievous fact is that “society” slyly makes sure that people will never see the whole picture of their reality but only parts of it, parts which actually can be perceived as something important to take care of. Holding and cherishing chunks of a broken happiness – how ridiculous could it be? But I kind of understand this situation because to see only a bar is totally differently comparing to the image of the whole cage made of bars.

Being in prison and having a strong believe of freedom  – that’s the recipe for a fake reality and a life reduced to a fiasco.

People feel miserable and frustrated blaming the whole world for their failures, trying to change the external factors while letting their inner universe to rot under  many unrealized dreams and hypocrite masks which killed authenticity and the real value of their personalities.

People dread rejection, thus they would prefer to be unhappy, but accepted into the “herd”  rather than full of joy, but alone against the whole current of prejudices and social blames. Thus, very often, women and men will choose a job they don’t like just because it is trendy and prestigious; they will dress in a certain way, even uncomfortable, for the sake of being up to date with fashion innovation; the couples will stay together despite the fact they meanwhile became strangers simply because it’s not “ethical” to divorce; women will quite their jobs in order to properly take care of kids since otherwise they will be condemned to a stigma of bad mothers; an unmarried woman over 30 would prefer to tie the knot with someone (usually totally different then she) just to avoid the adjective “strange” etc.

There are so many other cases when people just argue their decisions and situation, saying that they are part of society and have no power to change it, having the only one choice to subdue to its rules, otherwise they will be excluded and put into the group of outsiders.

Maybe…maybe not. We are the society, we actually can change something or not by acting or approaching the neutral position…ether way we shape the path for the present and for the future. I guess very often, people are just comfortable and like to indulge themselves in their situation, thus hiding the truth which is hard to face, namely – the courage to be different and free. 

Why should I care what society would say? Why should I sacrifice my whole life for some worthless words or comments? One thing is for sure, you will never please everyone, there will be certainly at least a person who will dislike and criticize what you do. So what’s the point to run as a full on the treadmill just to please all the people? At the end of the day nobody will remember your efforts and the gossips will go on…the worst part is that you lose yourself and drown in the misery of a fake life, designed by careless society who knows to throw words without thinking about consequences. 

Very often I also think that maybe we are simply fabricating all these restrains in our mind. I believe that people think too much about how they and their actions will be perceived by others, when usually others just don’t care, others might have a look but in the next second they already forget what it was all about.

So, isn’t it stupid, for instance, to deny a dream just because you fear it would not be accepted by people who actually don’t give a damn?

Again and again I will say: Live your Life and be Yourself, everything else are just details!


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