Life, love, dreams…


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Met you in a train that was rushing through the foggy and colored autumn

alongside the Baltic sea –

The last wagon, which turned out to be the first for that journey

was cold and sleepy –

I, crumbled, next to the window, was trying to catch a gleam of sun

which just emerged from cloudy sky –

My breath has drawn unusual signs on the almost frozen glass –


The melancholy of a lazy October morning –

People immersed in their thoughts –

A train, running between reality and dream…

seamed to lose the track of time and space –

The world was lost in its beauty; the moment found its eternity…


Suddenly, your eyes reminded me…

 I must breath; I have a heart…that was racing –

 Your eyes passed by…


In a split of second I saw our story –

I have held your hand; I have kissed your leaps,

I have laughed while foolishly we were running on the beach –

I have sprout into your soul which had grown in mine –

We were so happy, so in loved.

A look…a life lived in a second…

A tremendous amount of colors, sounds, feelings –


Lost connection, heart stopped beating –

I went back to window, to the dancing colors of autumn’12 –

You closed the door…your seat was in another wagon –

Our paths crossed and spread apart –

We are back to reality – 


 next encounter –

When our hearts will be ready to speak… fearless,

And everything will make sense:

coming home feeling; lights in the dark –

lost  fights, endless hopes, disillusions –

falls, tears, smiles, bittersweet dreams –

– all for…




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