Life, love, dreams…

“The Little Prince” Antoin De Saint-Exupery

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There are several books that never lose their relevance and actuality, despite the time outside the window, the age of the reader, the social and economic environment. These books usually carry a message universally recognized as a core of human existence.

“The little prince” is a children book dedicated to grown-ups who once were little kids, but who ceased to be them while becoming adults. And…it is not about the age; the author emphasizes actually the importance to preserve during the whole life that small child’s soul wrapped up in wide smile, wondering eyes, innocent statements, sincere emotions and joy in giving and receiving.

The story is about a pilot, who after a plane crush, finds himself in the desert of Sahara with an amazing little fellow appeared one morning just from nowhere asking him to draw a sheep. From this point starts the life changing journey of an adult who let himself to be guided by a child into the world filled with lights, colors, simple and tender moments.

The pilot gradually learns to think as a child, thus discovering the beauty of imagination; the importance of love, family and friendship; the happiness in simple things; the limitless power to do whatever he really likes; the taste to dream and be silly; the freedom to choose his own reality.    

“The little prince” is definitely one of those books which fascinated me while being a child and then much later, as an adult. I remember myself being around 7, totally absorbed by the entire world of Little Prince, eager to discover those planets while looking to the starry sky, imagine how I would jump from one to another.

I remember how overwhelmed I was reading the same book, but twenty years later. The perception toward the story shifted completely and little by little the first child’s impressions about the Little Prince’s world reached a new level of meaning, a lot more profound and far deeper.

Everybody can find something personal and soul touching in this fable. The author succeeded to shape a simple tale while having as landmarks some fundamental concepts of life. He reminds us how little we need to be happy, how simple things like love, friendship, moments of tenderness can make human existence the most wonderful journey on earth.

 “I really like sunsets. Let’s go look at one now…”

“But we have to wait…”

“What for?”

“For the sun to set.”

At first you seemed quite surprised, and then you laughed at yourself. And you said to me, “I think I’m still at home!”

Indeed. When it’s noon in the United States, the sun, as everyone knows, is setting over France. If you could fly to France in one minute, you could watch the sunset. Unfortunately France is much too far. But on your tiny planet, all you had to do was move your chair a few feet. And you would watch the twilight whenever you wanted to…

“The Little Prince” is an entire life philosophy seen from innocent eyes of a child.


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