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Contact Improvisation – soul motion

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How often do you look in people’s eyes? How often to you smile to a stranger? How often do you stop to talk to a beggar?

Well, if you would take a moment to observe the streets, especially in big cities, you will notice that the majority of men and women seem to be so absent and unaware of what happen around them. They are usually somewhere far away, lost in their thoughts which like a transparent and impenetrable glass box isolate the person from outside world.

People build invisible walls around them; they don’t want to be touched, they don’t want to search for some eyes in the crowd, they don’t want to be seen, they pretend to be uninterested and cold, they like to fake a busy type of life, rushing somewhere often even without a destination …just for the sake of feeling useful, or, what is worse, to avoid the meeting with themselves. Many, actually, end up believing in their box, letting the superficial mask to root deep inside their mind and soul.

Soul and heart – they are real, they are vital and sensible, and they live through happiness and pain. The glass box – is motionless, is safe and comfortable, and means protection, control but also death.

The difference…is all about being vulnerable and exposed.

Leaving in reality, in the moment implies joy but also sorrow, as a precondition of life balance.

Vulnerability equals to a look in the eyes, a smile to a stranger, a talk to a beggar, a touch of a hand… but more than that it also means to expose and accept yourself with many imperfections and try to connect to other souls as vulnerable as yours.

Well, it’s scary as hell.

Just yesterday had a lesson of “contact improvisation”. It is a wonderful fusion between dance and theater. This new style of self-expression is mainly based on trust and connection of partners. It works just when both of them are totally open and when they let themselves to be guided by the relation of their souls. The mind should be totally ignored.

Simple…and so hard in the same time.

I felt on myself how hard is to switch off the mind; to forget about control, appearance; to open the heart, to be fool, to connect to my inner world and then to the soul of my partner. I literally was sweating more because of the emotional pressure then of physical effort.  

It was hard, but when I finally succeeded to find my interior vibration and then to let my body flow, I was able to feel the partner…I just had the sensation of flying.

 In that particular moment I thought – Why isn’t “outside” life a continuous contact improvisation? Why do we avoid the obvious, searching for treasures on other planets, when they actually are right in front of us?

So often we are depriving ourselves of this flight because of some stupid preconceptions and fears. We hide in our box, behind the glass and steel and we are so unhappy…

Through contact improvisation I made a step forward toward myself, I felt what is like to trust other person and to be totally open, I experienced joy and liberation in that energy connection which took the form of body movements.

I now know that it is beautiful to be vulnerable because in vulnerability we find our strength and freedom, our real life.


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