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You can get along with anybody as long as you able to put yourself in his shoes and walk in them for a while.

Everybody has a reason to act, talk, and express emotions in a certain way because there is something behind, something that created a pattern in human behavior.  Each person carries the burden of his past, carefully registered in special parts of the brain and unfortunately in so many cases the past invades the present making the people to judge their current situations applying the conclusions long outdated.

It is really painful to see people who find themselves trapped in past, stumbling over the same mistakes again and again, without trying to learn a lesson and move forward.  So often the former sorrows and unhappiness affect the present state of being that people blindly and unconsciously cease to leave in the moment and to approach everything comes in their life as a totally new experience. As a result the people attract more bitter situations, they are prone to fight against anything because the whole outside world seems to be for them a big enemy. 

These people are not to be blamed because the past can really be a course and it requires a lot of courage and inner power to overcome the fears, resentments, doubts which poisoned the soul and the mind during the years.

Each person has its own struggles; nobody is perfect that’s why all we need is little empathy. Just to stop and try to understand the other person’s actions and then ask ourselves how would we react in a similar situation having the same background as his?  Suddenly things become more clear and the accusations irrelevant…

Showing understanding is so simple and human; usually all we need is just a person who would listen and empathize.

“Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love.” Buddha


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