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“The monk who sold his Ferrari” Robin S. Sharma

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This book is simply a map of a real and fulfilled  life, which would guide everyone willing to follow its signs. Reading this story, for me was totally mind-blowing and inspiring…it opened wider my eyes and filled my soul with so much joy and happiness, it reinforced the knowledge I already knew from other books, one of them would be “The Secret” for instance, but with a much stronger impact and force. Reading Sharma’s book is literally like experiencing a “satori” which is Japanese equivalent of sudden revelation.

Basically it is a story about a very rich and successful lawyer, whose life changed entirely after he has suffered a heart attack. The illness which seemed almost to kill him, actually became the starting point for a totally new life – a real one. He decided to sell everything he had and to go in a spiritual journey in India. Meeting a monk and then spending a period in his community called Sivana, transforms him  from a rich, arrogant, tired, sick, old-looking man into an entirely new person who was full of energy and kindness, with sparkling eyes, with a young face and body and most important with a soul craving to share with everyone the joy, the light, the way to a real life.

On the other hand, this book is also a great lesson about the most important aspects of our journey as “spiritual beings with a human experience”. It teaches us to be the masters of mind, since the quality of our thoughts influences the whole life because “the outside world is just the reflection of inside world; people have the power to choose how to respond at everything comes along this pilgrimage on earth;  there is no such thing as universal reality, everybody perceive his own reality based on experiences; there are no mistakes but just lessons, there are no bad experiences but just chances to grow as a spiritual person on the way to self-control.” Being master of your own mind means to be able to see positive aspects in everything, to detect and block negative thoughts, to create the life you want starting to imagine and believe in  it at first. Nothing is random, but has a meaning.

“The purpose of life is to have a life with purpose” that’s the second lesson that R. Sharma speaks about in his book. He points out the importance to have a goal, as a premise to go forward in life. The most important thing is that this goal should be in accordance with what you really like and passionate about; it also should be in written form with a clear imagine of the final result and a dead-line. The other very important aspect refers to the fact that every goal must somehow make better yourself, those around you, the world…the impact is essential. You don’t come on earth just to live for yourself and to accumulate material riches. Search for your mission, it is definitely much profounder and concerns serving others.

“Get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you, the Universe support those who are brave”. There is so much truth in this statement, since the human beings must constantly enhance themselves, evolve and overcome the fears that block their energy and potential. People create their own limits, sometimes so narrow that it even becomes hard to breath…and it is pity because the Universe holds an infinite amount of resources.  Dream, read, meditate, excel, become better every single day. Don’t ever stop to learn something new. Prioritize, control your life; train your mind, your soul and body. Failures are just steps to a greater life, they allow you to become better.

“An abundance of willpower and discipline represent the main attributes of those with a strong character and amazing lives.”  Be persistent, believe like a fool in your dreams, give maximum and little more, be consistent in your actions, rise stronger after a fall, gradually take actions.“Little victories lead to bigger ones.”

“Value your time because once you master the time you master your life.”  Prioritize, simplify, learn to say “No” to unimportant things, realize that time is limited so just live the day like the last day of your life. Don’t hesitate to experience something new, don’t postpone your dreams, enjoy every moment!

“The quality of your life resides in the quality of your contribution in this world.”  Make a change, a good impact; liberate yourself from ego’s constraints – compassion and everyday gestures of kindness are the true reaches of life. Give and you will receive much more than you ever expected.

“Live now!  The happiness is the journey not the destination” this moment is the most important moment, just enjoy it. Slow down, look around, observe to beauty of nature, of people…discover the mystery, smile, play with your kids, appreciate and be grateful for everything because all you have is only the present.

Wonderful and life-changing book.


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