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I want! I can! I succeed!

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“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius

Life is meaningless without a purpose in it. A burning desire to bring dreams into reality – that’s something that keeps us alive, willing to open the eyes every morning and smile to the world. Only a thrilled heart changes the whole perspective toward life, making from it an unfailing source of creativity, opportunities, experiences, things to learn and discover.

Lately I got to meet some amazing people who represent an example of courage and willpower for me.They are just simple human beings with a great heart and courage to overcome all the obstacles.

The first case is a man whom I saw in the mountains. Being there for a team building, forced to “admire” the nature from inside some off-road cars, I suddenly noticed a man in a wheelchair, wearing a T-short with a motto “I want, I can, I succeed”. He was lacking both legs, but that didn’t stop him to climb the mountain right to the top.

Then I started to think about how weak and comfortable I became without noticing, how I just forgot to be grateful for everything life brought me, how I complained so often and took everything for granted. That man had a goal and nether cold weather, strong wind or accidental road could stop him to see the world from the top of the mountain. That man thought me a great lesson that I shall never forget – no matter what, keep going and believe in your dream because everything is possible and this dream moves you forward every day, step by step.

That man, he didn’t give up on his goal because of physical obstacle, he just climb that mountain in a different way.  Accepting his situation he just concentrated on how to make the best of it…and he did it better than many others.

The second example is a young girl who all her life literally dreamed to walk, to feel the ground with both feet without any help or cane. She was born with one leg shorter than the other. She never gave up on her goal, she did a lot of surgeries and when the doctors, after many years, said that they can do nothing more, she kept dreaming and “adjust the action step” accepting prostheses. Now she finally can walk by herself enjoying every step just as a child, starting to learn and feel the life again, doing so many things. Talking to her I could see how happy she was; her bright face, sparkling eyes and smile of the winner inspired me and aroused such a joy and empathy in my soul.

She reached her goal, maybe not totally in the way she wanted to be, but the willing to compromise let her see other possibilities which make the dream to come true.

Concluding…everything is possible, keep your eyes wide open and while walking the path toward your goal don’t forget to live the moment, to look around and follow the signs;   be flexible and take each experience as a life lesson; believe that everything happens for a reason – it is meant to make you a better person and it is just a step in a great plan God has for you.

There is no dead-end, just possibilities  and the mind is the key to them.  


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