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Change life – make a choice

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We, human beings, are definitely meant to strive for a continuous physical, intellectual, spiritual evolution. Life is like a stream that shapes its path sometimes in hard rock, sometimes in smooth soil, never giving up on its main purpose to flow, never being afraid to change sharply its course when a dead-end appears at the horizon.
The human being is made to be the master of journey on this river called life and the journey itself is supposed to be the most amazing experience a soul can ever experience. It starts with joy and wonder eyes, with innocence and fearless to follow the stream’s direction, to discover the world. At the beginning we are a small boat that happily almost touches the smooth water, floating under a sky full of rainbows, surrounded by millions of flying stars, and heading toward, what seems to be, an everlasting dawn. Then, suddenly the fairytale is shattered by threats, realism, biases that rise fears in the open soul. The little boat confused, slowly ceases to notice the lights, the sparkles and what was once a magic trip becomes a continuous struggle to stay in the same place in order to avoid any eventual danger that can occur from taking an action or turning in a new direction. And the boat starts sinking under the pressure of its own fears and doubts…because the boat is meant to taste new waters, otherwise it dies. The human being is meant to live his live pursuing the signs and intuition, accepting changes by making choices and taking the responsibility of the outcomes…otherwise he collapses in the middle of mediocrity.
Change life, make a choice, have faith


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