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Enlightenment – new approach, the same world

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Even though I am trying to be as much as possible in the moment and continuously aware of the overwhelmingly amount of thoughts that cross my mind, I do recognize that it happens sometimes just to find myself slipping away from the path of inner balance.

What I love most is that every single time, out of the blue something appears in my life reestablishing the peace and reinforcing the confidence in truth and values I cherish deep in my heart. As far as I remember, the signs guided me every single time toward the bright end of any problem. A book, a movie, a phrase, an encounter, a situation – they all appeared in my life for some reason leading clearly to answers I was looking for.

Thus, just few hours before New Year’s Eve, I found myself immersed in a state which I called “New Year” syndrome, when so many people are prone to get more thoughtful, asking themselves about life’s meaning and their purpose on earth. On top of this I received a quite sad message from one of my dearest friends, so the emotional load suddenly became heavy enough.
Usually, the first reaction is to doubt everything, because apparently it’s easier to put bad in front of good, and bad usually hides behind the word “realistic”. Well, a new year is like every new beginning – more or less scary, because there is no control over the future outcomes. The lack of clear image generates fears…fear to hope, to dream, to see the bright side, to fully accept and love ourselves, to surrender in unknown, to experience something new. Nobody would recognize to be afraid…but isn’t the fear which designed this current “realistic” society?

So, here is me looking for some resources to rise once again more stronger.

Just in right time a movie popped before my eyes, while surfing the internet – “Beyond the secret”. For many people this film along with others like “The Secret”, could be just some silly and “unrealistic” movie. I am not pleading on behalf of these films, I am not trying to convince anyone to watch them, all I can say that for me it worked and still work in an amazing way.  They helped me to realize how just by one decision to shift the attention from bad things to good parts of every experience, the world instantly is changing as well. They also remind me once in a while, that all we need we have in our selves: unconditioned love, happiness, wealth, harmony, joy…it’s all in our nature of being and we just need to bring them out, into sunlight.
Many books and movies are teaching us basic and obvious things that sometimes would seem ridiculously simple. It would, but apparently even though we are aware of them, we keep overlooking the obvious in search for far more complicated and weak solutions. Why? Just because the storm of thoughts that affect so much our life, goes in a chaotic way and nothing is clear. Here the motivational type of movies and books has the role to collect and structure everything we already know and then to put the information into some simple statements.

Maybe some people were really lucky and received these messages from their families, but for others (just as for me) it didn’t happen in this way and all they need is an inspiration that would stimulate the willingness to make a change.
I got so much liberation and enlightenment from reading and watching those sources that my life became a continuous wonderful moment.
You need to be fool enough to dream, brave to make a choice and to act, aware of  your feelings and thoughts, strong to fly against the wind, willing to live your own story and not some copies of others.
Life is real and simple, you are only responsible for what you attract, the Universe is  responding to your vibrations using the outside world to mirror the mess or the beauty of your inner world.
I believe this and I attracted an amazing New Year night, which I spent with totally unordinary and authentic people, dancing till morning, listening some nice jazz, rock and roll, blues…
Choose what you want, be clear, dream, believe, feel the abundance and smile while taking the ride in this amazing journey on earth.

PS: I heard that some people got stuck in airport in Milan due to some technical problems of the plane. After two days they finally arrived home, little after midnight, very angry, complaining. So I thought that it could be so simple and less stressful if they just stopped for a moment and would thank God that the defection was found before the take-off, so their lives were saved. Then they got to experience a unique moment, meeting the New Year in the air, seeing the fireworks right from the plane which was crossing the sky in that moment.

Is all about how we perceive the wold and every experience…just so simple.


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