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Winter joy

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Slowly, the snow flakes are falling down glittering through the night like little stars.  The sky is melting into a continuous stream of small, magic lights. Looking from the window all I can feel is an incredible state of joy and ultimate peace. My gaze is lost somewhere in the middle of all this white mist, being totally absorbed by the relentless hover of millions white butterflies.

Suddenly the perception of the same reality shifted somehow. Everything that seamed to be so common got a mysterious meaning and…I, once again, realized that the world is just incredible beautiful and simple.

There is a special vibe about winter nights. They remind me being a child drawing strange shapes on frozen window and waiting for guests who would sing Christmas carols. They bring me memories about the enthusiasm and trepidation I once had as a reaction to some candies that my mum used to give me as a present from Santa.

Winter nights, a perfect time to meditate about the most important things in life, which so often are taken for granted – family, friends, home, unconditional love…A sweet feeling of belonging overwhelms my soul…a faint smile reminds me I am so lucky to have all of them.

What could you cherish more then these warm evenings in the middle of cold season, drinking some hot tea while watching your crazy and adorable family around Christmas tree? What could be more important then knowing that somewhere in this world, there are people who would love and wait for you no matter what?

Unfortunately we are so often forgetting the human aspects of life, rushing somewhere like nomads, loosing the bonds, becoming skeptical and mediocre, stuffing our existence with material things and feeling so alone, so empty like never before.

Winter nights, thank them for giving me the opportunity to stop and go back to real values, for teaching me how to appreciate everything comes in my life, how to give and receive love, how to be happy.

Happy and peaceful Holidays to everyone 🙂


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