Life, love, dreams…

The journey

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You may feel broken and down. You may fall to pieces and hit the ground. You might wish to disappear because of the excruciating pain and despair, but don’t let anybody to steal your authenticity, don’t give away your wish to fly, don’t surrender on dreams you’ve cherished deep inside your heart.

Nothing happens in this world without a cause, even a big disillusion, sooner or later, will reveal its bright side.  Everything is interconnected…every single beat of a heart, every split of a moment. Open your soul to understand the meaning of these connections, they certainly carry a message in your life meant to show a path or maybe open a new door.

Life is a mystery, it can be rough, but in the same time it is the greatest journey a human being can experience. Each challenge is a step toward yourself, each obstacle reveals qualities you never thought to own, each achievement is a reward for believing in miracles and staying true to yourself.


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